The 7 Second Challenge

The 7 Second Challenge

The 7 Second Challenge

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7 Second Challenge

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OFFICIAL APP - As made famous on YouTube - compete against your friends to beat hilarious challenges in just 7 seconds, then share your victory or defeat with the world!
100's OF CHALLENGES - Play through hundreds of ridiculous, brain-melting challenges hand picked by Dan & Phil!
SHARE YOUR WINS AND FAILS - Share videos of your challenges with friends and The 7SC community!

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Good luck!
- Dan, Phil and The 7 Second Challenge Team

Created by @AmazingPhil & @Danisnotonfire in collaboration with Mind Candy Ltd

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Hi! Thanks for bearing with us while we fix the issues that have been reported.
We've now fixed the video saving issue some players were having on their devices.
- The 7 Second Challenge Team